How Goodtalk Works

Live Text Talks in Public
Have a text conversation and share it with the world, inviting an audience to follow along in real-time. It’s kind of like having a live conversation on TV or Radio, but over text message instead.
Real-time Feedback without Interruption
The audience can react or ask questions privately, but they can’t jump right into the conversation unless you invite them. Get to the important stuff without being interrupted by trolls & tangents.
App or SMS, Your Choice
Participants that you invite can join the conversation via the iOS app or via SMS if they’re on an Android phone.

Goodtalk is for Everyone

Conversations about culture, science, sports, business, your local community - there are Goodtalks for everyone.

Whether discussing your art, your passion or your work, most people can have a talk about something that makes us all a little smarter.

It’s free to start talks and share them with your audience on social media. At the same time, new people can discover your talks and follow you inside the Goodtalk app.

A screenshot of the Goodtalk app listing all of the conversations a user is watching. User avatars of the participants are on the left of each conversation, with a title of that conversation next to it.